Hear Your Alarm
Stay Secure!

Every alert in your systems, your domain durations and SSL certificates are now under control.
With just one app, track all your alerts and stay secure.

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Awesome Features

Track every step of your systems!
Every detail, in one app. Focus on your work, we'll track the rest.

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Alarm Management

With our alarm feature, detect all errors in your system instantly. Customize, prioritize, and address each alert swiftly. Our system can analyze your alarms and display them with graphs.

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Playbook Construction

Take your alarm management to the next level with Playbooks! Automated scenerios, customized actions, and swift solutions to manage each alert effectively. With a single touch, automate all processes in your systems.

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Various Statistics

Dive deep into your systems with in-depth statistics! Real-time data, trend analyses, and performance reports to always keep you ahead. Knowledge is power; feel every detail at your findertips.

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Easy to Use

Stay focused without the fuss! With easy-to-use features, tackle even the most complex tasks with just a few clicks. Simple, intuitive, and effective; a perfect experience for users at all levels.

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A Complete Range Of Alarm Management Services!

Alarms aren't just limited to static emails anymore! With our app, experience dynamic and flexible alarm management.

Real-time alerts across various channels, customized notifications, and automated intervention scenarios ensure you have the utmost control over your alarms. Feel the pulse of your systems anytime, anywhere.

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Powerful Layout
For Playbooks

Go Beyond Limits with Playbook! Gather your alarms through email, syslog, and HTTP requests. Direct, customize, and optimize them with automated scenarios. With scheduled Playbooks, routinely check the health status of your systems, proactively identify potential issues, and generate alarms accordingly. Embrace Playbook for smart and effective alarm management!

  • Hear your alarm Responsive on any device
  • stay secure Very easy to customize
  • Track all your alarms. Effective support
track all alarms
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Uninterrupted Protection: SSL & Domain Expiry

Forget About Overlooked SSL and Domain Expiries! With our app, receive automatic reminders as your SSL certificates and domains near their expiry.

Prevent unexpected terminations and ensure uninterrupted protection of your digital assets. Every detail is under control; you just focus on your work.

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Our Pricing

Explore our transparent and competitive pricing options for our network
software. We offer flexible plans designed to meet the unique needs of
businesses of all sizes.

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  • 3 Interval
  • (5 Min or More)
  • 3 EventDriven
  • (200 call/month)
  • 1 DomainTracker Playbook
  • 1 Team Member
  • Only E-mail Alerts
  • Basic Public Status
  • (Always Free Tier)


$15/ month
  • 20 Interval
  • (3 Min or More)
  • 20 EventDriven
  • (1000 call/month)
  • 10 DomainTracker Playbook
  • 5 Team Members
  • All Notification Types
  • (SMS and Calls need Credit)
  • Advanced Public Status Pages


$47/ month
  • 200 Interval Playbook
  • (1 Min or More)
  • 200 EventDriven Playbook
  • (2000 call/month)
  • 20 DomainTracker Playbook
  • 10 Team Members
  • All Notification Types
  • (50 SMS and 50 Calls included)
  • Advanced Public and Private Status Pages


$110/ month
  • 500 Interval Playbook
  • (Unlimited Cycle)
  • 500 EventDriven Playbook
  • (Unlimited Call)
  • 30 DomainTracker Playbook
  • 20 Team Members
  • All Notification Types
  • (200 SMS and 200 Calls included)
  • Advanced Public and Private Status Pages


(Custom Price)
  • Will be customized for your needs!


(Custom Price)
  • Need an installation on your own server?
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